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PolyFlex labels create durable, high quality labels on your laser printer.

PolyFlex label material is a specially developed synthetic material with a pressure sensative adhesive backing that allows permenant adhesion for a variety of specialty applications that require more durability than paper labels can provide.




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Due to the unique nature of this material, care should be taken in removal of label from laser sheet liner. Do not run warm labels through laser printer. Allow labels to cool before reinserting in printer. Labels should be stored in plastic bags when not being used to keep moisture content down and to help prevent the sheet from curling. If the sheet curls when they are run through the laser printer, let the sheet cool while laying on a flat surface. Label sheets should be fed through the laser printer from the side-manual feed tray.
Label sheets that are fed from a lower paper tray will curl more and are more likely to create paper jams.