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PARS Labels & A8A Manifest Labels

Pre-Arrival Release System (PARS)
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PARS processes release information before a shipment arrives at the border, speeding up the release or referral process when the carrier arrives. PARS can process goods that require permits or certificates.


Up to 30 days before the goods arrive in Canada, importers or their agents submit release documents to the Customs Broker that will clear the goods. The Customs Broker then processes the documents and sends the documentation to Canada Customs. Customs then enters a recommendation on clearance status.


When the shipment arrives, the Customs officer checks all the original invoices from the carrier and uses the bar-coded cargo control number on the invoices to get access to the recommendation to determine whether or not the shipment can be released.


In order to import goods into Canada using either PARS or a Cargo Control Document A8A, a transport code must be acquired from Canada Customs and Revenue in Ottawa, Canada. You can download the application form here or you can contact Canada Customs and Revenue direct at:

Canada Customs
Cargo Policy
Phone: (613) 946-4278
Fax: (613) 957-9717

There is no cost for the code. The code is usually assigned in 7-10 days of the receipt of the application.


Once a code is acquired, you will need to order labels. Labels Xpress (Magazines & Brochures Inc.) is a pre-approved vendor for barcoded labels and documents for US Customs and Canadian Customs.



PARS labels generally come with one label per shipment in any one of the following formats:

  • PARS A - Below human readable information.
  • PARS B - Above human readable information.
  • PARS C - Incorporated into bar-code.

All of these formats are acceptable to Canada Customs. New regulations require that the bar-code be on top of the labels.


These labels are usually printed on a 2.5" x 1" label. A 3" x 1" labels may be used when the company name or PRO numbers is to long to fit on the smaller label.


Cargo Control Document A8A Labels

The A8A Manifest labels generally come 5 labels per set and in the following format:

  • 500 labels printed in sets of 5 will equate to 100 Customs entries.

These labels are usually printed on a 2.5" x 1" label.  A 3" x 1" label may be used when the company name or PRO numbers are too long to fit on the smaller label. The labels are then applied to the Generic A8A forms which can be acquired FREE from Canada Customs and Revenue Agency. This information is provided to our label customers upon request.

PARS and A8A Cargo Control Document Label Pricing

Label Qty Price (US Funds)
500 $59.75
1,000 $74.90
5,000 $164.50
10,000 $239.75
25,000 $589.00


This is the information that will be printed on the labels.
Please be sure to double check this information carefully!
All orders will be confirmed by phone, fax or email.
Complete the form below, or
download pdf order form.


  • NOTE: The progressive (PRO) numbering system used in these labels can be alpha, numeric, or alphanumeric and CAN NOT be repeated for 3 years.
  • Be sure not to use the same PRO number if style A or style B PARS labels are used with the same tranport code as the A8A labels.
  • A PRO number may be duplicated only if PARS style C is used ( e.g.: ABCD000001 is not the same as ABCDPARS000001)
  • The starting number can be 000001 or an arbitrary number can be used (e.g.: 123456)

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PARS Labels