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Domed Stickers

Our high quality materials, great pricing, endless capabilities, and fast turnaround makes LabelsXpress® the last place you will ever need to go for professional domed labels.  We start with a high quality vinyl substrate that is digitally full color printed. A crystal clear covering of polyurethane, the material used in the construction of flooring and boat hauls, is added to give the logo a durable finish. This protective coating also gives the label an attractive 3-D effect that will make your products standout.

With our domed decals, you will not have to sacrifice high quality printing for durability. LabelsXpress® allows you to be as creative as possible because we can print and dome any color, shape, and size and the domed decals can last up to 5 years in the worst conditions.  The domed decals are also resistant to the following:
• Temperature
• Chemicals
• Seawater
• Rust
• UV light
• Abrasion/Corrosion
• Dents/Scratches

While the use of domed labels is virtually endless, many companies use them for household furnishings, computer accessories, sporting equipment, nameplates, save the date reminders, and promotional items.  Industry leaders use domed logos for products that are exposed to the elements and undergo much abuse. Some uses for acrylic domed logos include vehicles and the accompanying key fobs, boats, beer taps, and other high end products.

Doming is a high quality, affordable, and signature method of enhancing your company’s merchandise and appearance. Other reasons to upgrade to custom domed products are they can be manufactured in an endless variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Your order, of as little as 50 pieces, can be produced in as little as 5 business days with our expedited service (additional charges apply). Standard production is 10 business days with discounts available for longer lead times or higher quantity orders.    2205 Kenmore Ave., Ste 107    Tonawanda, NY 14207    Phone: (716) 875-9699    Fax: (716) 898-8763    Toll Free: (800) 367-7336 Ext 301 - © Copyright 2018 - All Rights Reserved